PRIMED | for Operational Resilience Mapping

Collect, Connect, Reflect.

A simple and cost effective way to deliver a
detailed and sustainable operational resilience plan.


An Operational Resilience plan is about knowing that the value of the business is protected.

It defines your company's ability to insulate itself against the significant erosion of value that might be caused by service disruption in the event that circumstances challenge the ability of critical services to function.

It's critical to maintain an accurate perspective of the risk and vulnerabilities that relate to critical services. Furthermore it is critical to understand how these services are enabled by process, technology, suppliers and facilities, their exposure to risk and the capabilities that need to be in place to deal with the risks materialising.



To maintain an accurate perspective of the risks.


Obtain a joined up picture of how those critical services are supported.


Stay on top of change and risk from multiple vectors.

Information Mapping is at the heart of a successful operational resilience plan. It is also becoming part of the regulatory obligations for the UK finance industry in 2021 -

You need to Collect, Connect and Reflect.


PRIMED is the brainchild of change professionals with many years of experience in connecting multiple data points and bringing them together into a single easy to understand and sustainable picture.

Three Steps to your Operational Resilience Map

Because the best plan is often the simplest one to manage and maintain, PRIMED offers a simple way of establishing a digital map and delivering what would otherwise be a naturally complex and costly challenge to address.

Designed to make the process or collecting, connecting and reflecting information easy, PRIMED for Operational Resilience offers an efficient and effective way to build, monitor and maintain and effective operational resilience map and evergreen plan.

Capable of enabling the business to maintain a joined up picture that would be
almost impossible to achieve in spread-sheets, PRIMED offers the ability to:
Quickly Analyse


Turn those spreadsheets into a simple, interrogable operational resilience map.

Reduce Exposure


Assess operational risks and resilience capability by critical service through intuitive, interrogable dashboards.

Retain Control


Efficiently update and monitor all the many moving parts with simple, traceable workflow and oversight.

What we offer

Map and Track your Operational Resilience.

We recognise that you may have your own skills and experience in Operational Resilience.

You may have what you think is a reasonable picture - but if you are doing this with spreadsheets, you will be surprised how much easier it can be to report status and maintain that picture when the information you have is digitally mapped.

We offer a number of flexible services that can help you
build, complete and or maintain your operational resilience plan
on a foundation of certainty, efficiency and sustainability.


We offer you highly experienced industry expertise with knowledge and many years of experience in building and maintaining regulated operational resilience plans for when require guidance or assurance on your approach or you are looking for someone to help build and architect an effective operational resilience plan.


We offer you specialist analyst resource that can quickly join up your data and give you back the integrated, operational resilience map that is required and the information dashboard that you might need.


We offer a flexible system with training by the day, month or year for consultants who want to create and maintain their own integrated, extensible data platform for sustainable extensible operational resilience planning and execution.

Our Successes

With a digital map:

"I gave PRIMED details of 1000 tasks relating to 2700 procedures, mapped to 12 programmes, 15 main objectives and 48 specific objectives.

"In three steps and in a really short time they connected all the details that we held in our spreadsheets and turned it into a map with all my gaps and remediation project reflected through simple step through dashboards.

"Now I can track remediation easily and monitor our position in a way that I could not have dreamt of."

For ISO 22301 Standard for Operational Resilience:

"Without the PRIMED ability to map everything, it would have been almost impossible for us to do connect and maintain everything we need to for us to meet the ISO 22301 Standard for operational resilience.

"We were going to recruit someone to manage it.

"They showed me how I could streamline the process. Now I don't need that extra person."

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