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Collect, Connect, Reflect.

A simple and cost effective way to
deliver and maintain ISO27k certification.


The ISO 27000 series, is a Global Recognised Security Standard containing a series of documented best practices to help organisations deliver and evidence information security excellence.

It does this by setting out the requirements for an Information Security Management System and providing a systematic approach to risk management that addresses the three pillars of information security: people, processes and technology.

Increasingly emerging as a required benchmark for suppliers to industries for which Information Security is paramount, ISO 27001 provides assurance to customers and shareholders that appropriate steps to are being taken to protect the information assets and reputation of the business and can often be a pre-requirement when applying to government tenders.

With a hundred and fourteen different controls to consider touching almost every element of the business, to achieve the IS027001 Standard requires a systematic approach to the way that information is collected and connected, responsibilities are managed and information is checked, recorded and reported. Until now the administrative overhead involved to achieve this has been one of the greatest challenges, and one of the most significant barriers to certification.

With a comprehensive framework, digital to-do-lists, automated workflow and dashboard reporting covering all 114 controls:

PRIMED reduces the cost and accelerates the path
to achieving the ISO 27000 Standard.



Maintaining an accurate perspective of security risks and controls in relation to people, processes and infrastructure.


Establishing a joined-up picture of how security controls are managed, supported, responsibilities orchestrated, and information is gathered and analysed.


Managing and reporting on the many checks and protocols required to ensure policy is followed, incidents are recorded, and changes managed appropriately.

ISO 27001 requires a business to Collect, Connect and Reflect information about risks and controls.

PRIMED makes this easier.

Expert Partners

Use PRIMED to help accelerate, define, orchestrate and track a strategic path to the ISO Standard.

Designed by experts in ISO27001, PRIMED offers:

  • An accelerated path to ISO accreditation
  • With digital to-do-lists
  • Document Management
  • Progress and Status Dashboards
  • A streamlined and automated approach to achieving and maintaining the ISO 27001 standard
  • Calendar Driven Oversight Workflow
  • Responsibility Management & Reporting
  • Expert guidance within the system.
Enabling your business to establish and maintain the joined-up picture you need for ISO 27001:
Quickly Analyse


Turn those spreadsheets into a simple, interrogable Operational Resilience maps.

Reduce Exposure


Assess operational risks and resilience capability by critical service through intuitive, interrogable dashboards.

Retain Control


Efficiently update and monitor all the many moving parts with simple, traceable workflows and oversight.

Our Successes


Achieve ISO 27001 twice as fast.


Halve the administrative overhead to maintain certification.


ISO27001 made easier and more accessible.

Game changer:

"I have been helping organisations acquire and maintain the ISO 27001 accreditation for many years. It is an extremely valuable accreditation to achieve but one that has always involved a significant amount of administration. PRIMED changes the game - dramatically reducing the time to accreditation, the cost and overhead of keeping information up-to date and the complexity of managing certification renewal. Using PRIMED makes ISO 27001 much more accessible and cost-effective to manage and maintain."

Cost savings:

"We were recruiting for someone to manage and administer our ISO 27001; then the consultant that we were working with recommended PRIMED. Now we are managing all our ISO standards in PRIMED within existing headcount. I do not think it would have been practical for us to manage all the standards that we have been able to achieve without PRIMED."

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